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A Review by Joekool



Director- Steven Speilberg
Cast- Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Geoffery Rush, Mathieu Kassovitz, Ayelet July Zurer
Rated R: for strong graphic violence, sexual content/nudity, and language
Running time- 164 min
I have been highly anticapting this movie ever since I heard about it back at the beginning of 2005. A dark drama by Steven Speilberg...reserve me a seat now! Whenever Speilberg goes drama it is a spectacle in cenima. He is truly the greatest filmmaker in the histroy of the world. And here he has delivered another masterful film.
Well I told you that i was higly anticiapting this film, but just to let you know how much i was anticipating, Rocksolidus and I drove over 2 1/2 hours just to see this film, because until January 6, Munich is playing in limited release. So we drove to the nearest "big" city just to see this. Thats how bad we wanted to view this film Yes, we are insane, and we like it!
I was not born until the 80's so I have no recollection of the 1972 Munich massacre at the Olympics except for what I have learned about the tragedy. 11 Israel athletes were kidnapped from their dorm rooms, held hostage, and eventually killed by a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. After which a secret Israeli squad was sent to track down and kill all those who had a hand in planning the Munich massacre. And that is where the story lies, in the aftermath.
Avner played by Eric Bana, is asked by the Israeli government to do thees assassinations, and he is accompanied by four other experts to assist him. The film displays the killings that Avner's team commit with fervent expertise. Each kill crafted to near perfection, or improvisingly acomplished. There is a great amount of violence that only makes it even more realistic.
The acting is down right amazing. Each actor achieves perfecton in his role. But no other rivaled Eric Bana's performance. He was simply brilliant and flawless! After a few killins we really get to see the toll that it takes on these men, especially Avner. How do you kill countless monsters without becoming one yourself?
The end is definatley not a joyful ending. There is no sense of accomplishment or satisfaction that the hero has come out on top (we have too many of those films anyways). The last scene with Avner and his team's supervisor is remarkable, the dialouge is perfect, and when the walk away from each other, talking about how terrorism is always inevitable, the last shot we get before the credits role is of the World Trade Center..........just wow!
Munich is an amazing and emotionally powerful film. The only gripe i had was that it was a bit too long, it could have achieve the same effect while being shorter. With that aside however, I would go along the lines of calling Munich a masterpiece.
Good Points
-Acting is brilliantly perfect
-Outstanding script and dialouge
-Beautifully violent
Bad Points
- A bit drawn out, should have been shorter
Rating- 9.7/10

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