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A Review by Rocksolidus


King Kong
Director- Peter Jackson
Cast- Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Jack Black, Andy Serkis
Rated PG-13: for frightening adventure violence and some disturbing images
Running Time- 187 min
Joekools Thoughts:
A supreme film, simply a masterpiece. Peter Jackson's follow up to the greatest movies ever made(Lord of the Rings), King Kong, is one of the best films of 2005. The visual effects are the best in film history. The acting is brilliant, by everyone, especially Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow. The journey is epicly adventerous and emotionally charged with tradgedy and love. This film is one that should be cherished forever. As I stated before, it is a MASTERPICE! Peter Jackson, I bow before thee!
Rating- 10/10
Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. Dun dun dun dun. KONG!!!!!!!
Here is a thriller of a movie. A fantastic event that inspires the hearts of many....mainly including the man that directed it! After many attempts to gain the rights to do the re-make of the 1933 original, Jackson had to lower his praise to a mediocre novel series in order to gain the reputation enough to take on this mother load (ha ha, kidding). And behold, Kong was reborn!!
A 20 foot tall gorilla beast, numerous jurassic era dinosaurs, humungous insects and creepy crawlies plague the skull island. A place where no one dares to go, for fear of not ever returning alive. A place where only vicious survives and anger, torment, and hate are the usual. An impossible place to shoot a moving picture, but alass! Jack Black's character attempts the impossible, bringing his crew and a band of rogue sailers along, stumbles accross more than he was looking to capture for the silver screen.
Black had an outstanding role in this film. His best work yet, (in the movie industry anyway...tenacious d overall). Black's character development was insane, literally! He went from a totall state of movie directing, to a entirely different state of beast hunter/ entrepreneur. He went from placid and dedicated, to being engulfed with hopes of fame and money by showcasing of his prize.
Every movie director needs a script writer, and this is where Adrian Brody comes into play. While finishing up the last remains of Carl Denham's(Black) movie script for his latest edition, Jack Driscoll(Brody) incidentally became seabound due to his tardiness of leaving the ship. Thrilled at the though of a great theatre show, and apalled at the way Denham's desire to capture the greatest moving picture, Driscoll now sets voyage as well.
With the main actress of the film that the crew was producing, and forming more than just a business relationship, Driscoll and Ann Darrow(Naomi Watts) connect in more ways than seeing eye to eye on a peice of acting. This relationship along with that of kong's and Darrow's sets the mood for the entire movie's plotline to fall into place.
The CGI is amazing in this movie. At times I could have sworn that Peter Jackson used an enlarging machine to supersize a real gorilla to use in the movie. The detail was spectacular and the way the beast moved around set has given George Lucas some pointers for his next editions of stupid sentimental space combat panzy robot wanna be space balls films. But seriously, the editors and creators of Kong(Andy Serkis..props for the movements bro) even went into complete detail including every strand of hair when the "gentle giant" moves around. Straight down to the bare essence of wrinkles and blemishes, these graphics are priceless.
In all, you should never go see this movie. If you are completely retarded and don't want to see an awesome movie, follow my instructions on the 1st line, but for the rest of you, this movie is completely worth the over 3 hours of sitting and staring...because it is so much more! THIS MOVIE IS KING KONG!!!
Good Points:
-Every detail of the storyline and the imagery
-The accuracy of the new movie following the original
-A pile up of brontosaurs...really, they get running too fast and they all trip and pile up
Bad Points:
- Yes this movie may be a little long, but it's Jackson's style. He absolutely cannot cut out the great parts, so it needs to be as long as it is.
-Jack Black turned greedy..big no no mister
Rating: 9.5/10

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