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Good Night and Good Lcuk
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A Review by Joekool


Good Night and Good Luck
Director- George Clooney
Cast- David Strathairn, Geroge Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Patricia Clarkson, Jeff Daniels, Frank Langella
Rated PG: for theamatic elements and some language
Running Time- 90 min
Most of us who remeber the 50's (me not included, I dont even remember the 80's) remember the clash between CBS news reporter Edward R. Murrow and Senator Joseph McArthy over the communist ordeal. I was of course not alive in the 50's, however i new the situation and basic story of the confrontation between the two men and their allies. This film caught my interest from the very start.
First of all, a great touch to this film was that it is entirely in black and white, adding a realistic and genuine feel to the 50's. Everything in the movie was i accordance to the era, even the footage of Senator McArthy, President Esienhower, etc. is real footage from during that conflict. Its amazing.
This is George Clooney's second film behind the director's chair, and he delivers with great vision and portrayal, while not overdoing himself. He also produced, wrote, and acted in the film.
The acting by everyone is absolutely flawless in all corners. Edward R. Murrow played by David Strathairn gives one of the best performances of the year, and you can rest assure he'll be getting an oscar nomination. Frank Langella and Robert Downey Jr. also deliver brilliant performances, and of course so does George Clooney.
The best aspect of this film, however, is not its directing nor its acting, which are both perfect. It is the screenplay. Good Night and Good Luck has some of the best dialouge ever put on film. And when Murrow gives his speeches and reports, the power in his words is deafening, and one can not watch but in amazement.
Something that I found quite strange at first, but grew to embrace estatically was the that there was no score (music) in the movie. There were some breif overlappings of a woman singing that carried on for a minute or two into another scene, but most of the film had no score. It was as if the human emotion was the music of the film. the fluctuations of expression and the tension of pressure and anticiapation. Pure brilliance!
There is nothing wrong with this film, at least not in my opinion. I am rather second guessing myself on the 10/10 I have given it, but really I cant see why it shouldnt recieve such a score.
Good Points
-Amazing story and dialouge
-Brilliant acting
-The use of actual footage from the confrontation
-Realism in accordance to the era
-Black and white touch
Bad Points
-do not exist.
Rating- 10/10

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