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A Review by Joekool


Walk the Line
Director- James Mangold
Cast- Joaquin Pheonix, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Patrick, Ginniger Goodwin
Rated PG-13: for some language, theamatic material, and depiction of drug dependency
Running time- 135min
The great Johnny cash was one of the greatest rock musicians of our time, his life was plauged with fame, women, drugs, and in some cases joy. And this is his story.
Joaquin Pheonix plays Johnny Cash in the film Walk the Line. No let me rephrase that, Joaquin Pheonix is Johnny Cash. He plays the performer with siuch great perfection you almost perfer that he was indeed Johnny Cash. Pheonix's greatest performance besides Gladiator. Reese Witherspoon give the performance of her career, playing June Carter, Cash's love interest.
The absolute best aspect of this film, besides its phenomenal acting is the fact that both Pheonix and Witherspoon play all of the instruments and sing everyone of the songs. Amazing! They sound so perfect and majestic, that its very hard to believe they did infact do that. Maybe both should go into music and forget movies.....NO!
A downside of this film is that its basically the whitemans Ray. Struggling musician gets a break, becomes successful, gets on the drugs, gets off the drugs, successful again, find true love. The only difference is that Cash was not blind, and if he was it would basically be Ray 2. They should have waited about 4 years to do this so people would have forgotten about Ray. Also the film drags a little, it trys hard to keep the interest, but falls just short in that goal.
Walk the Line is a good biopic of Johnny Cash. It has two of the best performances of the years and great music. However it will no doubt make you think "Isnt this just like Ray?" and its also a bit slow.
Good Points
-Joaquin Pheonix and Reese Witherspoons brilliant acting
-Pheonix and Witherspoon actually do all the songs
-Some powerful emotional moments
Bad Points
-Reminds me too much of Ray
Rating- 8/10 

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