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A Review by Joekool


Just Friends
Director- Roger Kumble
Cast- Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Ty Olsen
Rated PG-13: for sexual content including some dialouge
Running Time: 88 min
Did I want to see this...No! Did I intend on seeing this...No! It was by mere chance that I came across this films path, well it was my dates idea, and she seemed set on seeing this, so I being a merciful man obliged. However,I did so with an unseen reluctancy so deep I thought my heart would stop.
Going into this movie I was pretty sure I was in for an overdose of crap so foul that it would eat through my skin. From the trailer it had the feel of the same crap type movies it portrayed. Guy likes girl, Guy fights off other guys to get girl, cheap humor spread throught movie. And In fact thats exactly what I got in this viewing, except something was different...It was actually done with a bit nicer touch than those other pieces of trash.
Ryan Reynolds does an okay job as the fat best friend to a gril that he wants to be more than friends with. But only after he becomes thin over the next ten years, of which he is away from home, does he really have a chance. So basically this movie tells me..If your fat, you got no chance...and I concur.
The best part of the movie is however Ryan Reynolds brother in the film. He is quite funny in most of his scenes, and without him, I might have fallen asleep, or worse...died.
Overall this film may please those who want a cheap comedy. It has its moments, and it has its stupidities. But it was in fact better than I expected.
Good Points
-Ryan Reynolds
-Ty Olsen
-A few funny moments
Bad Points
-The annoying Anna Faris
-Some really dumb humor
-Amy Smart's below average acting
Rating- 6.5/10

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