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Saw II

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A Review by Rocksolidus


Saw II
Director-Darren Lynn Bousman
Cast- Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Erik Knudsen, Franky G
Rated- R for grisly violence and gore, terror, language and drug content.
Running Time- 91 min.
Disgustingly magnificent! Triumphantly sickening! Horribly Terrific! Saw II has definately gone past the mark on sequels. Spawning what seems to be an entire new plotline and still keeping its predecessor in mind, this film is definately a movie to write home about.
Going into Saw II, we already knew about the cancer victim turned serial killer in an attempt to make people to clean up there own lives. In this brilliant storyline, Jigsaw(John) never kills his victims with his own hand. His techniques are of which that force people to save themselves before the deathtrap sets in to take their lives.
Again in Saw II, one of the main characters are a detective whom which "John" plays cat and mouse. Donnie Wahlberg gets caught up in the whole situation by being the only link to all of the participants in jigsaws hell-house, his son being one of them.
This film keeps horror significant, with a squeeze of thriller, thinker, and drama. A definate must see, but only if one's stomach can well, stomach what the movie throws at you. Just try not checking the back seat of your car before you drive once you've seen this film!!
Good Points
- Good Dialogue
- Awesome disgusting scenes
- Makes you think
Bad Points
- Bad acting( still hasn't changed since the 1st saw)
- The premise of who the next serial killer will be
Rating- 9/10

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