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1. Obi Wan Kenobi vs Anikan Skywalker (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)


The Good-
The most remarkable duel to date! So epic, so intense, so emotional, so magnificent. The quickness and speed of both Kenobi and Anikan is amazing. What makes it even more amazing is that these two were the best of friends, and then as things turn badly they fight each other basically to the death. Another aspect is the music, it so brilliant and adds more emotion to the duel. Also, believe it or not the length is a good aspect. The duel clocks in around 12 minutes, and that is the record for the longest fight in cenima history. The fight is unbelivably epic and climactic. Its the fastest movement with lightsabers out of any of the Star Wars films, and they fight on like three enviroments...awesome! All in all, its the most amazing fight yet to cross the silver screen.
The Bad- not much, but there is one thing. in the first half of the fight, they are fighting extremely fast, then in the second half they start to slow down. Could be cause they are getting tired or something, which would make it more realistic, but if they kept the same speed the entire time it would have been a little better. 

2. Achilles vs. Hector (Troy)


The Good-
A pure and brilliant masterpiece of swordplay. Unmatched by any other fight of its kind. In the making of the film they talk about how every attack was a kill hit, and when you watch the fight, each blow truly is just that, making the duel even more authentic. The Intensity is also very heavy. With Achilles coming off the death of his cousin, he is enraged, and it works perfectly in this. An awesome Spectacle of perfection.
The Bad-
Yet another fight that falls victim to length. It does not fall hard, but more of it would have greatly increased its quality. But hey its #2 on the list, it cant get much better than it already is.

3. The Bride vs. The Crazy 88 (Kill Bill Vol. 1)


The Good-
While the film is a little off the track, this fight can not be denied. A stunning and masterful portrayal of death, violence, blood, gore, swordsmanship, and intensity. One ferocious woman takes on nearly 88 men; and she mercilessly tears them apart. The sequence where you can just see there sihllouettes against a blue background is breathtaking.
The Bad-
There were a few things that were illogical. When she impales the guy with her sword and lifts him up with her arms...yeah right. And a few more minor instances of the same illogical issues. Otherwise this would be #1, or close to it.

4. C.N. Chan vs. Alan (Gorgeous)


The Good-
The martial arts and speed displayed in this fight is the greatest of any fight in the history of cenima. Jackie Chan and Brad Allen achieve each move with such quickness and such perfection that its too fascinating to describe, just see this fight. Many people havent even heard of this film, and it was by chance that I stumbled upon it, otherwise I would not have seen a masterpiece of martial arts.
The Bad-
Despite the fact that it has the best martial arts in a movie it lacks in emotion and the dialouge is weak. There is one instance where Chan spins Alan around on his shoulders, ya know that wrestling move that makes them dizzy, yeah that was pretty dumb.

5. Jin vs. Leo (House of Flying Daggers)


The Good-
The emotion and inensity of this fight is off the charts. The entire movie builds up to this dramatic duel. Then as we witness the amazing sowrdplay of the two men it begins to snow. As they are ripping each other apart the snow gently falls around them creating a picture so captivating one can not witness it without their jaw dropping. So spectacular and so emotional! Simply amazing!
The Bad-
Needed more sowrdplay. The stuff in the fight was fantastic but more of it would have made this fight near the top.

6. Neo vs. Smith (The Matrix Revolutions)


The Good-
So far this list has been dominated by The Matrix and Star Wars, and for good reason, but you need not worry. Everything comes down to this. The entire trilogy builds up to this final climactic showdown between Neo and Smith, and boy was it a douzey. When there running at each other in tha rain accompanied by the fantastic score it gives me chills. So intense, and the fighting on the ground and in the building are brilliant. The rain is what makes this fight what it is, adds so much power.
The Bad-
Once they got off the ground and strted to fly it went downhill. If they had stayed where the fight started this would no doubt be the greatest fight ever! Sure the flying thing was an interesting idea, but it didnt work they way it should have. It just became cheesy at moments they were in the air. Once again, if they had fought on the ground it would have easily be on the top of this list. They should have had them fight on the side of a building if they wanted to display each's power.

7. The Chateau (The Matrix Reloaded)


The Good-
The Chateau as its called really excells not only because of the brilliant choreography and brutal martial arts thats in all of the Matrix movies, but also beacuse it involves the use of weapons. Beautiful swordplay and use of weaponary. And the music during this scene was awesome!
The Bad-
Not much bad in this one. There were some parts where I thought Neo's use of the sword could have been improved. there was also that high pitched sound as they were flinging around the weapons. Is it just me or do weapons flying through the air not sound like whistles.

8. Obi Wan Kenobi & Qui Gon Jin vs Darth Maul (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)


The Good-
An outstanding fight in a very horrible movie. The agility of all combatants and the moves displayed are very good. Darth Maul is easily the coolest Star Wars villain, and his double-eged lightsaber adds to the fights superiority over other duels. Another cool aspect is that it is 2 on 1, not many duels in cenima like that. And once Qui Gon is kille the intensity picks up quite nicely. An absolutely amazing spectacle of fighting.
The Bad-
Way WAY too short. I think total its like 4min and 30sec. It seems that the coolest fights are always too short. Just think, and addition ofanother 4 monutes and we could have seen some really cool stuff. The cool stuff that was there however, was not enough to escalate it higher on this list.

9. Neo vs Smith (The Matrix)


The Good-
The fight between Neo and Smith in the first Matrix film is tremendous. The build-up is what really escalates this fight. Morpheus mentioning that everyone who has fought an agent has died really intensifies the moment when Neo turns and fights instead of flees. Also the acrobatics and choreography is well done, and the anger on Smith's face is brutally excellent.
The Bad-
It definately needed to be faster paced. Both needed to move quicker and the fight in genreal needed to be fought faster. In the sequals to this film, they fights if you noticed were much much faster in choreography and skill. A bit more length would have helped too.

10. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader (The Empire Strikes Back)


The Good-
This duel that climaxed the film of The Empire Strikes Back was indeed remarkable. The standouts are the setting of the fight. The inner depths of the cloud city, Bespin. Its just awesome to look at, wonderful scenery. The dialouge during the fighting is also superb, then we get that famous line, "I am your Father!" Another aspect that excels the fight to be on this list is the dramatic power it carries, and the intensity that it portrays.
The Bad-
The fighting could have definately been better. Too slow and not enough of it. The part where Vader was using the force to throw stuff at Luke was kinda stupid. Along the fighting lines again, they needed more of it on the railing at the end. Give this duel more time and it could have been much better.

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