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The Legend of Zorro
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A Review by Joekool


The Legend of Zorro
Director- Martin Campbell
Cast- Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rufus Swell, Nick Chinlund
Rated PG: for sequences of violence/peril and action, language, and some suggestive moments
Runing Time- 130 min.
Zorro is back baby...after the excellent "The Mask of Zorro" I was really looking forward to Martin Campbells sequal "The Legend of Zorro" and with the two main actors returning for the sequal I almost assured its status of a great action adventure before even seeing it.
In this film Zorro does not only deal with conflict with the people he is trying to protect and save but also conflicts with his family. He now has a son, whom he must care for but also be Zorro. Ultimately this leads to some problems with his wife (Zeta-Jones), all the while dealing with a new villain with a new ploy to destroy the newly colonized America.
Sadly the new idea of involving Zorro's son falls somewhere between horrid and truly pathetic. He was just down right annoying in some scenes and also did things that were plainly above his abilities and illogical. He did carry some humor, but mostly he was uneeded.
Banderas plays a wonderfuly Zorro, his acting was the stand-out of the entire cast, he was especially profound in a scene of drunkeness. The action was superb, equal to its predecessor in terms of originality and splender. The finale was especially fantastic, with some swordplay that was well coreographed(sp).
The Legend of Zorro is a great action/adventure film that the entire family will enjoy. The first however is much better in quality and as an overall film. But this does the series justice. With the exclusion of Zorro's son this would have been even more memorable.
Good Points
-Fantastic action
-Banderas as Zorro
-Some pretty good humor
Bad Points
-Zorro's son
-Needed to be more serious
Rating- 7.5/10

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